Hi everyone! Welcome to my site! I hope you like it. This blog is just for typing about whatever. The Tips and Advice page is where you can enter any tips or advice you have or a question asking for tips or advice. The Questions and Comments page is just for you to enter your questions or comments you have to me, and they will not be viewed publicly. The Advice Column is where I will post all of the advice and tips that have been sent in or the advice and tips that I give. I will post your requests for advice on the Advice Column page. I will also post the advice that I give you for that certain question.  This blog is viewed publicly, so be careful about what you say. I only have two rules. Number 1, NOTHING INAPROPRIATE OR MEAN. And number 2, HAVE FUN! Bye!



     I am a new website maker. Making websites and blogs is something I've just started doing and it's something I really enjoy! Thanks for coming to my site!


    October 2009
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